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Diwali: A New Year and maybe a new perspective

I just felt like writing this morning about my excitement and anticipation for things to come. It’s been kind of a crazy week or two around here. The weather is changing, the holidays are fast approaching, and there is that … Continue reading

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Where did my handstand go?

    I have had a long love/hate relationship with handstand. For years it was the pose I most dreaded in a public class. I always seemed to know exactly when my teacher was going to call it out and … Continue reading

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A workshop with Donna Farhi

About a month ago I attended a two-day workshop with Donna Farhi at the Center for Yoga studio. ┬áSaturday’s three-hour workshop was titled ‘Coming Together- the Sacro-Iliac Joint’, and Sunday’s workshop was titled ‘Calm Heart, Calm Mind’. I was SOOOOOO … Continue reading

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practicing the menstrual sequence

Every month as my cycle approaches I tend to dread doing the menstrual sequence. I’ve never been a big fan of forward bends and especially supported ones. They sound like they should feel great, right? SUPPORTED forward bends. Usually anything … Continue reading

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Flow vs. Iyengar

Like most yogis I know, I didn’t just take up the practice of Iyengar yoga in the very beginning and stay true blue through the years leading up to now. My first ever yoga class was…dare I say it…a Bikram … Continue reading

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Supta Baddha Konasana – the love of my life

The yoga sages’ gift to the world is supta baddha konasana (reclining bound angle pose). I could lie in this pose all afternoon. The only thing I look forward to when I get my period is the excuse to do … Continue reading

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The elixir of teacher training programs!

I just returned from my teacher training program (TTP) class and I am feeling high as a kite. I had a friend and colleague from my last training program tell me that TTP was the gateway drug. That once you … Continue reading

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